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Atopic Dermatitis


Patient Questions about Atopic Dermatitis from Reddit

Atopic dermatitis and eczema patient questions remain unanswered as they turn to Reddit. Reddit, the seventh most visited website in the US with approximately 430 million monthly active users, has become a popular platform for patients to source medical information and discuss diseases. See their questions, frustrations and insights.

Clinical Relevance of Skin Pain in Atopic Dermatitis

This review discusses the clinical relevance of skin pain with respect to its experience, pathophysiology, relationship with itch, and treatment implications. Recent studies suggest that skin pain presents as a neuropathic symptom independent from itch and the “itch-scratch cycle”, and poses a unique burden to patients.

Development and Evaluation of an Atopic Dermatitis Care Plan for Providers

A universal atopic dermatitis care plan was developed to improve atopic dermatitis disease management and patient outcomes. Post-implementation of providers’ perceptions was assessed for how the atopic dermatitis universal care plan affected their ability to provide patient education.

Topical Agents Currently in Phase II or Phase III Trials for Atopic Dermatitis

A systemic literature review was performed to examine the safety and efficacy of topical agents currently in phase II and phase III clinical trials for atopic dermatitis. Our team searched the databases, PubMed, Google Scholar, and, on March 2020 for studies pertaining to the use of topical agents in atopic dermatitis.

The ABC Topical Management of Atopic Dermatitis in Philippines: Expert Recommendations

An ABC scheme of atopic dermatitis (AD) management entails anti-inflammatory, barrier repair and basic skin care strategies to adequately manage AD. It is an easy-to-follow model which helps lessen distress and improve the quality of life amongst patients. An expert panel composed of specialists in the field of dermatology and pediatric dermatology convened to review current data and management practices in order to provide key treatment recommendations and identify current gaps in the treatment of mild to moderate atopic dermatitis.

Atopic Dermatitis and the Role of the Skin Microbiome in Choosing Prevention, Treatment, and Maintenance Options

Atopic dermatitis (AD) is a common skin condition characterized by disturbed barrier function, skin inflammation, and cutaneous dysbiosis. Clinically, it manifests as chronic-recurrent xerosis, pruritus, and erythematous lesions. Its pathophysiology is complex, making the selection of appropriate treatment options a task. Results from an expert panel were summarized and discussed to provide updated recommendations for the treatment and maintenance of atopic dermatitis. Normalization of skin microbiome diversity using a topical moisturizer containing post-biotic aqua and biomass may offer a valuable option for the treatment and maintenance of inflammatory skin diseases.

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Case Reports

Treatment for Prurigo Nodularis and Pruritis

Prurigo nodularis (PN) is a disease in which chronic scratching and picking of the skin due to intense pruritis results in papulonodules, notably in areas that are accessible to the patient. The pathophysiology is hypothesized to be mediated by a Th2 helper cell response, similar to that seen in atopic dermatitis, therefore, treatment of PN would be expected to elicit a therapeutic response.  

New Treatment of Dyshidrosis: A Report of Two Cases

We report two cases of recalcitrant dyshidrotic eczema treated with a biologic successfully at standard dosing. Further studies to establish the efficacy of the biologics in the treatment of dyshidrosis are warranted. 

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Translational Lecture Series

Targeting cAMP Signaling for the Treatment of Inflammatory Diseases of the Skin

Dr. Jon Zippin, Assistant Attending Dermatologist and Assistant Professor of Dermatology at Weill Medical College of Cornell, elucidates the complexity of cAMP biology and the translational impact of PDE4 inhibition as it relates to chronic inflammatory skin diseases. Tune in to learn why targeting this pathway is clinically meaningful but also where more work is needed to improve outcomes.

Update on Pediatric Inflammatory Skin Disorders: How Pathogenesis Informs Treatment

Dr. Amy Paller, Walter J. Hamlin Professor and Chair of Dermatology & Professor of Pediatrics at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago, Illinois, delivers a presentation discussing the cause and treatment of pediatric Atopic Dematitis, including co-morbidities, epidermal barrier impairment, and compliance issues.

Itch form Bedside to Bench

Dr. Gil Yosipovitch, Professor of Dermatology at University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, provides residents and physicians access to the latest bench research and practical pearls from a master in pruritus that will help them offer the highest quality evidence-based dermatological care.


Podcast Episodes

Atopic Dermatitis Treatment – The Future Landscape

Hall of famers Dr.s Amy Paller and Jonathan Silverberg join host Dr. Adam Friedman to review current moderate to severe AD treatment approaches and use of systemic therapies, discuss advancement on AD clinical management with use of novel target therapy, and share clinical experience with the use of biologics treatment. As we have all been thrown a curve ball in life, faculty address the growing concerns surrounding dermatology-related immunosuppressant therapy during the pandemic and how to discuss this issue with patients. Slide into home with a peak at the future therapies landscape in clinical development.

Perspectives on Managing Moderate-to-Severe Atopic Dermatitis

Join host Dr. Adam Friedman in this Atopic Dermatitis dedicated series as he parties with and picks the brains of dermatology powerhouses Dr.s April Armstrong and Lawrence Eichenfield on pursuing a practical and powerful process to partner with patients of all ages and partake in a long standing management strategy.

Insights On the Pediatric, Adolescent & Adult AD Patient

Dr. Adam Friedman is joined by Dr. Lindsey Finklea, a practicing dermatologist and parent/caregiver of a child with severe atopic dermatitis, and Dr. Peter Lio, podcast veteran and AD focused Derm extraordinaire, to discuss the issues affecting patient-family/patient-caregiver interactions and offer clinical pearls for effective management strategies to best assist the needs of parents, families and caregivers for patients with the AD.

Current Understanding of the Pathophysiology, Etiology, Prevalence & Burden of AD

Dr. Adam Friedman is joined by the dynamic dermatitis duo Dr. Anna De Benedetto, Associate Professor of Dermatology at the University of Florida, and Dr. Eric Simpson, Professor of Dermatology at the School of Medicine at Oregon Health & Science University, to dissect established and emerging pathophysiologic details of this dastardly dermatitis.


Management of Atopic Dermatitis

The treatment horizon for pediatric AD is encouraging. Newer pharmaceuticals are now joined by novel formulations of established medications, which arms dermatologists with an increasing array of treatments to tackle this challenging condition. 

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Sleep Like a Baby: Integrative Tips for Sleep in Atopic Dermatitis

Sleep is essential for our overall well-being and one of the pillars of atopic dermatitis management.  Unfortunately, we don’t learn or talk about this much in dermatology.  Don’t fret- Dr. Vivian Shi shares her integrative strategies for optimizing sleep in atopic dermatitis!

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Controversies in Pediatric Dermatology: Systemic Therapies

Dr. Yasmine Kirkorian, Interim Chief of Dermatology at Children’s National Health System and Assistant Professor of Dermatology and Pediatrics at the George Washington School of Medicine & Health Sciences, summarizes recent controversies in the field of pediatric dermatology regarding the usage of systemic therapies in children.

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