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The Journal of Drugs in Dermatology (JDD) is a peer-reviewed publication indexed with MEDLINE®/PubMed® that was founded by the renowned Dr. Perry Robins MD. Founded in 2002, it offers one of the fastest routes to disseminate dermatologic information and is considered the fastest growing publication in dermatology.

We present original articles, award-winning case reports, and timely features pertaining to new methods, techniques, drug therapy, and devices in dermatology that provide readers with peer reviewed content of the utmost quality.

Our high standards of content are maintained through a balanced, peer-review process. Articles are reviewed by an International Editorial Board of over 160 renowned experts.

JDD reaches around 13,760 dermatology healthcare professionals and has been recognized as the official partner of the International Society of Dermatologic Surgery (ISDS), Skin of Color Update (SOCU), and the ODAC Dermatology Aesthetic and Surgical (ODAC) conferences.

The extremely current and practical editorial content of JDD results in high readership and maximum exposure among the dermatology community.

Our Mission is Excellence through Peer Review: To educate physicians, optimize patient outcomes, and disseminate key scientific information.

JDD is published by SanovaWorks.

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Journal of Drugs in Dermatology Publishes Study Showcasing Clinical Improvements with Burt’s Bees’ Sensitive Skin Regimen as Adjunct to Rosacea Prescription Therapy

DURHAM, N.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Burt’s Bees, a leading provider of personal care products committed to natural health and beauty solutions, today announced that the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology has published clinical data supporting the efficacy and tolerability of Burt’s Bees skin care products as an adjunct to rosacea prescription therapy. Abs

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Hormonal Therapies for Women with Acne

Hormonal therapies are helping to broaden therapeutic options for women with acne as dermatologists look for alternatives to antibiotic treatment. Studies suggest oral contraceptive pills and antiandrogen therapies might rival antibiotics in acne treatment efficacy…

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Burt’s Bees Nature-Based Sensitive Skin Care Clinical Results Published in Journal of Drugs in Dermatology

DURHAM, N.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Burt’s Bees®, a leading provider of personal care products committed to natural health and beauty solutions, today announced that the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology (JDD) published clinical data supporting the efficacy of Burt’s Bees nature-based sensitive skin regimen at maintaining healthy skin barrier function.
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Editorial Board

Perry Robins, MD

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Perry Robins, MD, is Professor Emeritus of Dermatology at the New York University School of Medicine. Dr. Robins has practiced medicine for over 40 years and has treated more than 47,000 skin cancer patients. Over 40% of the doctors who specialize in skin cancer were either trained by Dr. Robins himself or by doctors he has trained. He has lectured in 37 countries in 4 languages. At present, he performs more than 500 procedures annually and conducts training workshops for his peers on advanced techniques of dermatologic surgery. Dr. Robins is the founder and President of The Skin Cancer Foundation, a national organization dedicated to the research of skin cancer and public and medical education. Dr. Robins is also the founder/president of the International Society of Dermatologic Surgeons, founder/former-president of the Mohs Society, and former-president of the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery.

Deborah S. Sarnoff MD

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Board-certified dermatologist, Deborah S. Sarnoff MD, is one of the country's premier specialists in Mohs surgery for the treatment of skin cancer, cosmetic dermatology, and laser surgery. Dr. Sarnoff graduated from the George Washington University School of Medicine with distinction and received her residency and fellowship training in Mohs surgery and dermatologic surgery at New York University, under the direction of Dr. Perry Robins.

Currently, Dr. Sarnoff is a Clinical Professor of Dermatology at NYU School of Medicine, President of The Skin Cancer Foundation, President of the International Society for Dermatologic Surgery and Secretary/Treasurer of The NYS Society of Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery. Dr. Sarnoff is also Director of Dermatologic Surgery at Cosmetique Dermatology, Laser & Plastic Surgery, located in New York City.

Senior Editors
  • Macrene Alexiades MD PhD
  • Robert Baran MD
  • Joseph B. Bikowski MD
  • Dee Anna Glaser MD
  • C. William Hanke MD
  • William Levis MD
  • Ronald L. Moy MD
  • Keyvan Nouri MD
  • Neil S. Sadick MD
  • Gerhard Sattler MD
  • James M. Spencer MD
  • Susan H. Weinkle MD
Senior Associate Editors
  • Kenneth Beer MD
  • Martin Braun MD
  • Jeffrey Phillip Callen MD
  • Jean Carruthers MD
  • James Q. Del Rosso DO
  • Lawrence F. Eichenfield MD
  • Patricia Farris MD
  • Norman Goldstein MD
  • Aditya K. Gupta MD PhD
  • Elizabeth Hale MD
  • Sherry H. Hsiung MD
  • Leon Kircik MD
  • Mark Lebwohl MD
  • Henry W. Lim MD
  • Flor Mayoral MD
  • Maurizio Podda MD PhD
  • Jeffrey Orringer MD
  • Maritza Perez MD
  • Kevin Pinski MD
  • Luigi Rusciani Scorza MD
  • Ritu Saini MD
  • Jerome l. Shupack MD
  • Amy Taub MD
  • Danny Vleggaar MD
  • Brian Zelickson MD
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  • Kendra G. Bergstrom MD
  • Joel L. Cohen MD
  • Adam Friedman MD
  • James L. Griffith MD
  • Marissa Heller MD
  • Isaac Zilinsky MD
Past Co-Editors-In-Chief
  • Elizabeth Hale MD (2004)
  • Susan H. Weinkle MD (2005-2008)
  • Keyvan Nouri MD (2005-2008)
  • Sherry H. Hsiung MD (2008)
  • James M. Spencer MD (2009-2013)
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  • William Abramovits MD
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  • Shawn Allen MD
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  • Martha P. Arroyo MD
  • Robin Ashinoff MD
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  • Eliot F. Battle Jr. MD
  • Richard G. Bennett MD
  • Diane S. Berson MD
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  • Marian Cantisano-Zilkha MD
  • Alastair Carruthers MD
  • Roger I. Ceilley MD
  • Clay J. Cockerell MD
  • David E. Cohen MD
  • Julian S. Conejo-Mir MD
  • Elizabeth Alvarez Connelly MD
  • Ira Davis MD
  • Calvin Day MD
  • Doris Day MD
  • Jeffrey S. Dover MD
  • Zoe Diana Draelos MD
  • Madeleine D. Duvic MD
  • Mohamed L. Elsaie MD
  • Joseph C. English III MD
  • Neil Alan Fenske MD
  • Rebecca Fitzgerald MD
  • Alina A. Fratila MD
  • Alejandro Camps Fresnada MD
  • Ellen C. Gendler MD
  • Dore Gilbert MD
  • David J. Goldberg MD
  • Leonard H. Goldberg MD
  • Robert H. Gotkin MD
  • Gloria F. Graham MD
  • John Hawk MD
  • Michael P. Heffernan MD
  • William L. Heimer II MD
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  • Alysa R. Herman MD
  • George J. Hruza MD
  • Shasa Hu MD
  • Jared Jagdeo MD MS
  • Mark J. Jaffe MD
  • S. Brian Jiang MD
  • Bruce E. Katz MD
  • Mark D. Kaufmann MD
  • Amor Khachemoune MD
  • Poong Myung Kim MD
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  • David Kriegel MD
  • Pearon G. Lang MD
  • Aimee Leonard MD
  • Mary P. Lupo MD
  • Alan Matarasso MD
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  • Rhoda S. Narins MD
  • Mark Naylor MD
  • Kishwer S. Nehal MD
  • Martino Neumann MD
  • Nelson Lee Novick MD
  • Jorge J. Ocampo Candiani MD
  • Philip Orbuch MD
  • Ariel Ostad MD
  • Cleire Paniago-Pereira MD
  • Anna C. Pavlick MD
  • Christopher R. Payne MD
  • António Picoto MD
  • Sheldon V. Pollack MD
  • Babar K. Rao MD
  • Wendy E. Roberts MD
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  • Bijan Safai MD
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  • Susan C. Taylor MD
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  • George-Sorin Tiplica MD PhD
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  • Ronald G. Wheeland MD
  • Jai Il Youn MD
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  • John A. Zitelli MD