Current Issue  October 2014 | Volume 13 | Issue 10

Original Articles

  • Treatment of Recalcitrant Warts With Occlusive Warming Patches
    Georgia Schuller-Levis MD,a William Levis MD,b and Israel Dvoretzkyc 
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  • Split-Face Vitamin C Consumer Preference Study
    Leslie Baumann MD,a Deysi K. Duque MS,a and Michael J. Schirripa PhDb 
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  • The Effects of Topical L-Selenomethionine on Protection Against UVB-Induced Skin Cancer When Given Before, During, and After UVB Exposure
    Karen E. Burke,a Xueyan Zhou,a Yongyin Wang,a Joel Commisso,b Carl L. Keenb
    Robert M. Nakamura,a Gerald F. Combs Jr.,d and Huachen Weia,e 
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  • Gender-Based Variability in Disease Presentation in Pemphigus Vulgaris
    Sahar Y. Naseer MS,a Liza Gill BS,b Jay Shah MD,b and Animesh A. Sinha MD PhDa 
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  • Topical Cyclosporine Versus Emulsion Vehicle for the Treatment of Brittle Nails: A Randomized Controlled Pilot Study
    Julian Mackay-Wiggan MD MS,a Jackleen Marji MD PhD,a John G. Walt MBA,b Angela Campbell,a Carol
    Coppola,a Bibhas Chakraborty PhD,c David A. Hollander MD MBA,b and Scott M. Whitcup MDb 
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  • Assessment of Cardiovascular Risk in Patients With Moderate to Severe Plaque Psoriasis
    Hector Fernández-Llaca MD,a Pablo de la Cueva MD,b Jesús Luelmo MD,c Jose Carlos Armario-Hita MD,d
    M Luz Samaniego,e and Carmen García-Calvo MDf [Representing the RECOR Study Group.], 
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  • Measuring Occipital Scalp Laxity Before Donor Strip Harvesting in Hair Transplantation
    Yau-Li Huang MD,a,b Shyue-Luen Chang MD,a,b Mei-Ching Lee MD,a,b
    Chih-Hsiang Chang,a,b Sindy Hu MD MS,a,b and Michael H Gold MDc 
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  • Hailey-Hailey Disease and Review of Management
    Anthony Chiaravalloti MDa and Michael Payette MD MBAb 
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  • Use of Multispectral Digital Skin Lesion Analysis for Evaluation of Nevi in Children
    Andrew S. Dorizas MD,a Amer H. Nassar MD,a and David J. Goldberg MDb,c 
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Case Reports

  • Metastatic Squamous Cell Carcinoma Presenting as an Erythematous Nodule in a Man With Lung Adenocarcinoma
    Dorota Z. Korta PhD,a Jesse M. Lewin MD,b Shane A. Meehan MD,b and Sarika M. Ramachandran MDb 
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  • An Adipocitolitic Aqueous Micro-Gelatinous Solution for Buffalo Hump Deformity Reduction
    Raffaele Rauso MD,a,b,c Antonio Rusciani MD,d and Giuseppe Curinga MDe 
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  • A Variant of Palpable Migratory Arciform Erythema
    Ellinor R. Quay MD,a Jyoti P. Mundi MD,b Jo-Ann M. Latkowski MD,b
    Hideko Kamino MD,b and Jesse M. Lewin MDb 
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  • Resident Rounds Part I. Program Spotlight: University of Vermont
    Elizabeth A. Zeeck MD, Ryan T. Rogers MD, and Joseph C. Pierson MD 
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  • Resident Rounds Part II: Genital Ulcers
    Elizabeth A. Zeeck MD, Kendra Lesiak MD, Andrew R. Tegeder MD, Jeremy M. Hugh MD, and Elizabeth B. Lester MD 
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  • Resident Rounds Part III. Case Report: Genital Ulcers
    Jeremy M. Hugh MD, Kendra Lesiak MD, Laura A. Greene MD, and Joseph C. Pierson MD 
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