Current Issue  November 2014 | Volume 13 | Issue 11


  • VISIA System: A Possible Tool in the Cosmetic Practice
    Anne Goldsberry MD MBA, C. William Hanke MD MPH, Katherine E. Hanke
    Laser and Skin Surgery Center of Indiana, Carmel, IN 
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  • Muscle Weakness in Treatment of Palmar Hyperhidrosis With Botulinum Toxin Type A: Can It Be Prevented?
    Anargyros Kouris MD MSc,1Charitomeni Vavouli MD,1 Vasiliki Markantoni MD1, Georgios Kontochristopoulos MD PhD1 
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Original Articles

  • Nonablative 1927 nm Fractional Resurfacing for the Treatment of Facial Photopigmentation
    Jeremy A. Brauer MD,a,d David H. McDaniel MD,b Bradley S. Bloom MD,d Kavitha K. Reddy MD,a
    Leonard J. Bernstein MD,a,c and Roy G. Geronemus MDa,d 
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  • Clinical Evaluation of a Non-Ablative 1940 nm Fractional Laser
    Lee Miller MD,1 Vineet Mishra MD,1 Salman Alsaad MD,1 Doug Winstanley MD,1 Travis Blalock MD,1
    Chad Tingey MD,1 Jinze Qiu PhD,2 Sara Romine,1 E. Victor Ross MD1 
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  • Radiofrequency: An Update on Latest Innovations
    Sarah A. Malerich BS,a,b Amer H. Nassar MD,b Andrew S. Dorizas MD,b,d Neil S. Sadick MDb,c 
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  • A Focused Monopolar Radiofrequency Causes Apoptosis: A Porcine Model
    David McDaniel MD,a Klaus Fritz, MD,b,c Alena Machovcova MD PhD MBA,d,e and Jan Bernardy PhDf 
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  • Home-Based Wrinkle Reduction Using a Novel Handheld Multisource Phase-Controlled Radiofrequency Device
    Neil S. Sadick MD,1 Yoram Harth MD,2,3 Andrew S. Dorizas MD,6 Hanna Levy PhD,4 and Avner Shemer MD5 
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  • Pulsed Dye Laser Therapy for Molluscum Contagiosum: A Systematic Review
    Robert Denison Griffith MD,a Mohammad-Ali Yazdani Abyaneh BS, Leyre Falto-Aizpurua MD, and Keyvan Nouri MD 
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  • Antibiotic Resistance: Shifting the Paradigm in Topical Acne Treatment
    Charles W. Lynde MD FRCPC and Anneke Andriessen PhD 
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  • Microbiome of Affected and Unaffected Skin of Patients With Atopic Dermatitis Before and After Emollient Treatment
    Gilberto E. Flores PhD,a Sophie Seité PhD,b Jessica B. Henley MS,c Richard Martin MS Ing,d
    Hana Zelenkova MD,e Luc Aguilar PhD,f Noah Fierer PhDa,c 
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  • Real-Life Treatment Profile of Calcipotriene and Betamethasone Dipropionate Topical Suspension in Patients With Psoriasis Vulgaris
    Jerry Bagel MD FAAD,1 Eugenia Levi, PharmD BCPS,2 Stephen Tyring MD PhD FAAD,3
    and Melissa L.F. Knuckles MD FAAD4 
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  • Long-Term Safety of Ivermectin 1% Cream vs Azelaic Acid 15% Gel in Treating Inflammatory Lesions of Rosacea: Results of Two 40-Week Controlled, Investigator-Blinded Trials
    Linda Stein Gold MD,1 Leon Kircik MD,2 Joseph Fowler MD,3 J. Mark Jackson MD,4 Jerry Tan MD,5
    Zoe Draelos MD,6 Alan Fleischer MD,7 Melanie Appell MD,8 Martin Steinhoff MD PHD,9
    Charles Lynde MD,10 Jeffrey Sugarman MD PhD,11 Hong Liu MSc,12 and Jean Jacovella MD13 on behalf of the Ivermectin Phase 3 Study Group 
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  • Transungual Delivery of Efinaconazole: Its Deposition in the Nail of Onychomycosis Patients and In Vitro Fungicidal Activity in Human Nails
    Misao Sakamoto MS,a Noriaki Sugimoto MS,b Hideki Kawabata MS,a Eiko Yamakawa MS,a
    Nobuyuki Kodera MS,a Radhakrishnan Pillai PhD,c and Yoshiyuki Tatsumi PhDd 
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  • Access of Efinaconazole Topical Solution, 10%, to the Infection Site by Spreading Through the Subungual Space
    Boni E. Elewski MD,a Richard A. Pollak, DPM MS,b Radhakrishnan Pillai PhD,c Jason T. Olin PhDd 
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  • A Single-Blinded Randomized Controlled Study to Assess the Efficacy of Twice Daily Application of Sinecatechins 15% Ointment When Used Sequentially With Cryotherapy in the Treatment of External Genital Warts
    Shelbi C. Jim On MD,a Rita V. Linkner MD,a Madelaine Haddican MD,a Alex Yaroshinsky PhD,b
    Matthew Gagliotti BA,a Giselle Singer BS,a and Gary Goldenberg MDa 
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Case Reports

  • A Case of New Onset Keratosis Pilaris After Discontinuation of Erlotinib
    Uchenna R. Okereke MD,a Sara Colozza,b David E. Cohen MD MPHc 
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