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Heal the Burn: Radical Updates for the Management of Radiation Dermatitis

By December 3, 2021December 13th, 2021No Comments

All of those wonderful life saving toys the radiation oncologists get to play with come at a cost to an important bystander – the skin. Radiation dermatitis can be exquisitely disabling, and interfere with a patient’s treatment course. Enter Dr. Beth McLellan, Chief of Dermatology at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine who is soothing XRT burns and taking names. Tune in to part two of this three part supportive oncodermatology series as host Dr. Adam Friedman discusses how to best coordinate care with our oncology friends and manage and hopefully prevent this expected adverse event with this one rad derm. Phasers set to educate.

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Mario E. Lacouture MD, Jennifer Choi MD, Alice Ho MD, Jonathan Leventhal MD, Beth N. McLellan MD, Anneke Andriessen PhD, Maxwell B. Sauder MD, Edith Mitchell MD