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Could You Be Allergic to Additives?

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A recent article from US News, “Could You Be Allergic to Additives?” cites a January 2013  JDD study  on whether common additives in food or medications can cause reactions in some people.
The study, “Medication Dyes as a Source of Drug Allergy,” states “Excipients are defined as inert substances added to a drug or food to confer a suitable consistency, appearance, or form. They may be added for bulk, to change dissolution or the kinetics of absorption, to improve stability, to influence palatability, or to create a distinctive appearance. The last function may depend heavily on the use of coloring agents, especially when there are multiple dosages (such as with warfarin), and dose confusion may result in profound complications. While described as inert, excipients have been associated with triggering immunological reactions, although this is almost never considered in common practice when patients have reactions to medications, even when they appear to react to many different and distinct drugs.”
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