Treatment of Zoon’s Balanitis with Imiquimod 5% Cream

May 2007 | Volume 6 | Issue 5 | Case Reports | 532 | Copyright © May 2007

Maria Rita Nasca MD PhD, Rocco De Pasquale MD, Giuseppe Micali MD

We report a case of a 43-year-old uncircumcised Caucasian, diabetic man with a 4-year history of Zoon’s balanitis unresponsive to topical steroids, in whom control of the disease was achieved with topical imiquimod. A histopathological examination of a biopsy specimen was performed before and after treatment with imiquimod 5% cream applied 3 times a week. A moderate to marked increased local skin reaction occurred several times throughout the treatment period, necessitating multiple rest periods of several days’ duration. Clinical but not histological resolution was obtained after 4 months of treatment, with no relapses at an 18-month follow-up. This positive treatment outcome indicates that imiquimod may have a role in the management of Zoon’s balanitis. However, the dose and duration of therapy required to achieve complete clinical response still needs to be established. Also, the question of whether normalization of histology can be achieved with topical imiquimod has yet to be answered.