Treatment of Burn Scar Using a Carbon Dioxide Fractional Laser

February 2010 | Volume 9 | Issue 2 | Case Reports | 173 | Copyright © February 2010

Sung Bin Cho MD, Sang Ju Lee MD PhD, Won Soon Chung MD, Jin Moon Kang MD, Young Koo Kim MD

In Asian patients, ablative laser therapies are seldom used to treat burn scars due to posttreatment dyschromia, especially when nonfacial areas are treated. The non-ablative 1550-nm erbium-doped fractional photothermolysis system, although effective, requires multiple treatment sessions. In the authors hands, a 34-year-old Korean woman achieved improved atrophy, contracture, texture and color of a burn scar on her chest after two treatments spaced six weeks apart with an ablative 10,600 nm CO2 fractional laser system (Ultrapulse® EncoreTM Laser, Lumenis Inc., Santa Clara, CA).