ISDS Statesmanship Scholarship Award Program

December 2013 | Volume 12 | Issue 12 | Editorials | 1328 | Copyright © December 2013

Perry Robins MD and Loek Habbema MD

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Not infrequently, young doctors in their residency program do not have the opportunity to be exposed to the wonderful field of dermatologic surgery. Many times, such training is minimal, or simply doesn't exist. Unfortunately, courses on this subject and congresses are too expensive for the young doctors to attend.
We are elated to report on a new program that was recently established by the International Society for Dermatologic Surgery. Distinguished statesmen in this society have established a generous scholarship for twenty young doctors to attend the ISDS meetings.
The ISDS Statesmen Scholarship Award Program will be offered each year and is open to all dermatologists who are completing a residency in dermatology and who hold a specific interest in continuing dermatologic surgery training. Twenty such scholarships are now being made available to residents worldwide, to participate starting this year forward.
The purpose of this scholarship is for the resident to observe and learn the newest methods and techniques in dermatologic surgery that are now being practiced in the leading medical centers of the world. A $2000 scholarship will be awarded to each successful applicant annually.
A second program that has been initiated by the ISDS that will allow dermatologists wishing to do a Preceptorship in the office of a dermatologic surgeon of their choice, for up to one week in a subspecialty of their choice (Mohs surgery, liposuction, laser surgery, etc.), is also available, for a nominal fee.
For information on these exciting new programs, please go to the ISDS website:
We are thrilled that these giant steps in teaching dermatologic surgery have been made possible by the ISDS. It will help improve the standard of patient care and provide up-todate treatment methodologies for their clinics.
Our congratulations to the ISDS!

Perry Robins MD

The Journal of Drugs in Dermatology

Loek Habbema MD

International Society for Dermatologic Surgery