Resolution of Guttate Psoriasis Plaques After One-time Administration of Guselkumab

August 2019 | Volume 18 | Issue 8 | Case Reports | 822 | Copyright © August 2019

Shalanda L. Hall BSN DPM, Wasim Haidari BS BA, Steven R. Feldman MD PhD

Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, Winston-Salem, NC

intracellular and downstream signaling of IL-23 by binding to the p19 cytokine subunit of IL-23, thereby preventing the terminal differentiation and survival of Th17 cells.3,4 The end result of IL-23/Th17 pathway inhibition is prevention of the small, scaly plaques, and papules characteristic of psoriasis.

Guttate psoriasis can go into remission, allowing short term courses of phototherapy or methotrexate to be effective treatments. Guselkumab is more effective than methotrexate (guselkumab is more effective head-to-head compared to adalimumab, which is more effective than methotrexate)4-6 and the effects of guselkumab are long lived (with almost 40% of patients maintaining 90% improvement in Psoriasis Area and Severity Index for 6 months after just 4 doses of the medication). 5 Based on that, we expected that the patient with the flare of psoriasis plaques in a guttate pattern would respond well to the treatment.

Long-term studies of guselkumab will be important for determining its efficacy and safety. We suspect one-time dosing with a potent, long acting medication like guselkumab may be a very effective, safe, and convenient way to manage acute and extensive exacerbations of psoriasis.


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Wasim Haidari BS BA