Approach to the Mature Cosmetic Patient: Aging Gracefully

June 2017 | Volume 16 | Issue 6 | Supplement Individual Articles | 84 | Copyright © June 2017

Susan Weinkle MDa,b and Michael Saco MDa

aUniversity of South Florida Department of Dermatology & Cutaneous Surgery, Tampa, FL bCosmetic Dermatologist and Mohs Surgeon, Bradenton, FL

Figure5Figure6Ultimately, any procedure where insertion of a needle or cannula is required can result in bruising. Patients using over-the-counter products like glycerin, evening primrose, and vitamin C can have a greater risk of bruising. In contrast, arnica and bromelain can help decrease the likelihood of postprocedure bruising.11,12 Overall, as our population continues to age, the demand for minimally invasive aesthetic procedures continues to increase. Various changes happen as people age, which can be combatted using laser and light devices, neuromodulators, soft tissue fillers, and some of the newer treatment modalities, including PLGA suspension sutures, deoxycholic acid, and radiofrequency energy devices. Ultimately, it is up to dermatologists to master these and future aesthetic procedures in order to give a whole new meaning to aging gracefully.


Dr. Weinkle is a Medical Consultant, Allergan; Clinical Investigator, Allergan; Medical Consultant, DermAvance; Clinical Investigator, DermAvance; Medical Consultant, Galderma; Clinical Investigator, Galderma; Medical Consultant, Merz; Medical Consultant, Procter and Gamble; Medical Consultant, Kythera; Clinical Investigator, Kythera; Medical Consultant, Myoscience; Medical Consultant, Teoxane; Clinical Investigator, Teoxane; Medical Consultant, Sinclair; Clinical Investigator, Alphaeon. Dr. Saco has no conflicts of interest to declare.


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