Pipeline Previews

September 2016 | Volume 15 | Issue 9 | Features | 1158 | Copyright © September 2016


Pipeline Previews brings to you information on the newest drugs and medical products as they become available to the dermatologic community. This department may include additional information from the manufacturers, plus reports from physicians who wish to share their clinical experience with these new products. In addition, we will inform our readers about the latest drugs receiving Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval.

Eclipse Aesthetics Expands Popular Platelet-Rich Plasma Product Line

Eclipse, a leading medical supply company, is expanding the Eclipse PRP® product line to meet the growing needs of practices offering platelet-rich plasma procedures. The company is introducing the Eclipse PRP® HC kit featuring a 22 mL high-concentration tube. The new tube will yield an average of ~11 mLs of platelet-rich plasma. In addition, the popular 10 mL tube has been increased to an 11 mL size that yields approximately ~6 mLs of PRP. The easy-to-use, all-inone kits allow physicians to prepare platelet-rich plasma. The PRP is optimally concentrated with the highest platelet yield of ~90%. Also being released in tandem with the PRP tubes is the new Eclipse Easy Spin® Centrifuge. With multiple-size tube holders, the centrifuge offers flexibility for platelet-rich plasma providers who want to process the new, larger 22 mL or 11 mL tubes from one unit.

Theraplex Launches Beta-Lift R at Cosmetic Bootcamp in Aspen, Colorado: A New Two-Step Peel Procedure

Theraplex introduced new Beta-Lift R at the annual Cosmetic Bootcamp Meeting in Aspen, Colorado. The two-step peel procedure was demonstrated by Dr. Diane Berson to over 150 physicians during a live patient demo. The peel received immediate interest by the attendees.
Beta-Lift R is a two-step procedure that begins with the application of a salicylic acid peel followed by an application of retinol. The procedure is designed to improve the appearance of photoaging, acne, melasma, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.
Dr. Douglas Kligman, the inventor of Beta-Lift R and co-author of a research study on the peel with Dr. Zoe Draelos, which was published in the April 2016 issue of the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, also attended the Bootcamp and discussed the benefits to this novel approach. He explained how the Beta-Lift R peel differs from other combination peels on the market.