Resident Rounds Part I: Program Spotlight: Department of Dermatology, Columbia University Medical Center

May 2015 | Volume 14 | Issue 5 | Features | 507 | Copyright © May 2015

Bobby Y. Reddy MD and Cheryl Hutt MD

Department of Dermatology, Columbia University Medical Center, New York, NY

Resident Rounds is a section of the JDD dedicated to highlighting various dermatology departments with residency training programs. Resident Rounds includes 3 sections: (1) a program spotlight highlighting pertinent information about the department and residency training program; (2) a section presenting study materials used by residents at the program; and (3) a section designed to highlight recent interesting cases seen at the institution. This issue of Resident Rounds features the Department of Dermatology at Columbia University. The editor of Resident Rounds is Dr. Ali Alikhan. If you are interested in highlighting your training program in a future issue, please contact Dr. Alikhan at

Department Highlights

Residency Program

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Bobby Y. Reddy