Cosmetic Injectable Devices: A Review of the Injection Techniques

November 2006 | Volume 5 | Issue 10 | Original Article | 951 | Copyright © November 2006

D. Vleggaar MD, R. Forte MD

An ever increasing number of devices and procedures designed to rejuvenate the aging face are available to dermatologists and plastic surgeons. These devices include products consisting of autologous materials, natural polymers, and synthetic compounds. The diversity of these materials is reflected by the wide variety of techniques used to administer them. Differences in terms of injection technique and the equipment used for each device are usually a consequence of the nature of the material. The depth at which a substance is deposited is also very important as device-related adverse events are often a result of improper placement. The techniques used to inject the commonly encountered soft tissue fillers and volume enhancers are compared here, with special reference to the degree with which injection technique causes device-related adverse events.