Clinicopathologic Profile of Becker’s Melanosis With Atypical Features

August 2009 | Volume 8 | Issue 8 | Original Article | 745 | Copyright © August 2009

Khalid M. AlGhamdi MD, Abdullah I. AlKhalifah MD, Abdulmalik M. AlSheikh MD, Fahad M. AlSaif MD

Becker’s melanosis (BM) is an uncommon cutaneous hamartoma. The classical description of the lesion is of a macular, pigmented patch found on the upper trunk, with onset at or around adolescence. The aim of this study is to describe the clinicopathologic features of cases of BM which do not fit this typical description. Biopsy registry and laser clinic records from 2000–2006 at the authors’ institution were searched for cases with a diagnosis or differential diagnosis of BM. A chart review was then undertaken to record clinical data and histological features of each case. Eleven cases which fit criteria for inclusion in the study were identified. The authors found that these eleven cases could all be described as BM with atypical features but were still clearly within the spectrum of this condition. Contrary to widely held belief, cases of Becker’s melanosis with atypical features are not uncommon and might be under-reported.