A Prospective Study of the Improvement in Periorbital Wrinkles and EyebrowElevation With a Novel Fractional CO2 Laser—The Fractional Eyelift

January 2010 | Volume 9 | Issue 1 | Original Article | 16 | Copyright © January 2010

Dvora Ancona MD and Bruce E. Katz MD

Background and Objective: The purpose of this study was to assess the efficacy and safety of a new fractional CO2 laser system for improving periorbital rhytids, tightening skin and elevating the eyebrow.
Materials and Methods: One hundred subjects with periocular wrinkles, tissue laxity, photoaged skin and moderate dermatochalasis of the face were prospectively treated one to four times in the periorbital area with a fractional CO2 laser device equipped with a scanning handpiece. Improvements in eyelid wrinkles, crow’s feet and skin laxity were evaluated photographically by two blinded, independent observers. Eyebrow elevation was measured by the investigators. Subjects also scored satisfaction and tolerability.
Results: Approximately half of subjects achieved or maintained 26–50% improvement at 12 months. Nearly 40% of subjects maintained 1–2 mm elevation of the brow at six and 12 months after treatment. Subject satisfaction was high and the procedure was well tolerated. Mild-to-moderate erythema and edema persisted for up to three to four days.
Conclusion: Treatment with a fractional CO2 laser device improves periorbital rhytids, tightens skin and elevates the eyebrow with minimal adverse effects.