Unique Laser Techniques in Patients With Skin of Color

December 2011 | Volume 10 | Issue 12 | Department | 12 | Copyright © December 2011

Perry Robins MD, Eliot F. Battle Jr. MD, Andrew F. Alexis MD MPH, Fran Cook-Bolden MD, Yasser Alqubaisy MD, Michael P. McLeod MS, Keyvan Nouri MD, Nazanin Saedi MD, Henry H. Chan MBBS MD PhD, Jeffery S. Dover MD, Vasanop Vachiramon MD, Amy J. McMichael MD, Jason J. Emer MD, Candrice R. Heath MD, Susan C. Taylor MD, Joshua Zeichner MD

As the population of the world shifts to include more patients of skin of color than ever before, learning how to appropriately treat this patient population has become increasingly more important to practicing clinicians. Patients of skin of color face unique challenges when it comes to procedures such as laser hair removal and treatment of conditions such as Pseudofolliculitis Barbae. This body of work seeks to provide dermatologists with unique clinical pearls discussing the use of safe treatment modalities in the skin of color population. From the use of lasers to the effective use of fillers and injectables, this body of work is filled with expert advice for optimizing treatment outcomes and increasing patient satisfaction. Via these clinical pearls, dermatologists can better meet the needs of a changing patient population as well as expand their knowledge base.