Uncontrollable Prurigo Nodularis Effectively Treated by Roxithromycin and Tranilast

April 2006 | Volume 5 | Issue 4 | Case Reports | 363 | Copyright © April 2006

Yasuhiro Horiuchi MD, SangJae Bae MD, Ichiro Katayama MD

Treatment of prurigo nodularis (PN) is often very difficult even with strong corticosteroid dressing and other available means. Macrolide roxithromycin (RXM) is used in consideration of its immunosuppressive effects in treating several skin disorders. Tranilast (N-(3,4-dimethoxycinnamoyl) is useful for treating atopic disorders and hypertrophic scars as well, suggesting its capacity to inhibit fibroblast proliferation. More adequate and effective therapy for this disorder has been requested. We report 3 cases of uncontrollable PN treated with 300 mg/day roxithromycin and 200 mg/day tranilast. Complete and/or remarkable regression of PN was observed on treatment with roxithromycin and tranilast in combination within 4 to 6 months. The 2 agents in combination can be used effectively for the treatment of uncontrollable PN.