Treatment of Rosacea with Intense Pulsed Light

June 2003 | Volume 2 | Issue 3 | Original Article | 254 | Copyright © June 2003

Amy Forman Taub, MD

Rosacea is a chronic disease that affects millions of men and women. Topical and oral antibiotics are effective, yet often leave individuals with treatment plateau associated erythema and persistent flushing. We investigated the use of intense pulsed light for treatment of the redness, flushing, and breakouts associated with rosacea.

Thirty-two consecutive patients of Fitzpatrick skin types I- III underwent 1 to 7 treatments with intense pulsed light. Patients were assessed clinically and photographically. In addition, patients completed a detailed questionnaire regarding their response to treatment.

Following treatment, eighty-three percent of patients had reduced redness, 75% noted reduced flushing and improved skin texture, and 64% noted fewer acneiform breakouts. Complications were minimal and transitory.

It appears that intense pulsed light is an effective treatment for the signs and symptoms of rosacea and represents a new category of therapeutic options for the rosacea patient.