Treating Photodamage of the Décolletage Area With a Novel Copper Zinc MalonateComplex Plus Hydroquinone and Tretinoin

March 2010 | Volume 9 | Issue 3 | Original Article | 220 | Copyright © March 2010

James J. Leyden MD and Lisa Parr PharmD

There has been a proliferation of treatments for facial rejuvenation but, curiously, the use of such treatments on other areas of the body has not been widely investigated. The clinical effects of treating photodamaged skin of the neck and anterior chest area (décolletage) with a proprietary copper zinc malonate lotion and a proprietary 4% hydroquinone cream (twice daily), plus tretinoin cream (once daily), were evaluated in 42 females in a 24-week investigator-blind randomized study.

Treatment was associated with early and significant (P≤0.05) improvements in mean scores on an overall integrated assessment of photodamage (from week 4 onward) and for multiple signs of photodamage—tactile roughness (from week 2 onward); mottled hyperpigmentation, lentigines and fine wrinkling (from week 4 onward); laxity (from week 8 onward); and crepiness and coarse wrinkling (from week 12 onward). Treatment was generally well tolerated and 94% of subjects were satisfied or very satisfied with the overall improvement in their décolletage at week 24.