Topical Corticosteroids in Dermatology

December 2009 | Volume 8 | Issue 12 | Original Article | 1093 | Copyright © December 2009

Sujatha Tadicherla MD, Kate Ross BS, Philip D. Shenefelt MD, Neil A. Fenske MD

Topical corticosteroids are the most commonly prescribed agents in the treatment of dermatologic conditions. They are used primarily as monotherapy or in combination with other agents for enhanced efficacy. Several stronger preparations are now available since their first introduction. They are also available in various vehicles altering the potency and giving the option of tailoring them for use based on specific anatomic locations, area of involvement, age of the patient, and most importantly, severity of the condition. Several local and systemic side effects have been associated with their inadvertent use. Allergic contact dermatitis to most of the preparations has also been noticed. Judicious use with reinforced patient education lowers such risk for side effects, and can be of great use in treating dermatologic conditions.