Message From the Guest Editor

January 2013 | Volume 12 | Issue 1 | Editorials | 12 | Copyright © January 2013

C. William Hanke MD MPH FACP

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It is my privilege to serve as Guest Editor for this Special Issue of the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology dedicated to Cosmetic Dermatology. The Journal continues to publish a diverse array of manuscripts and this issue is typical.
I am particularly pleased to be included as a coauthor with Perry Robins on Henry Randle's article "The Founding of an Organization: The First 33 Years of the International Society for Dermatologic Surgery." Amazingly, the ISDS Founder's meeting was held in Morocco in 1978. Dr. Randle began his term as President at the 33rd Annual Congress in Lucerne, Switzerland, October 18-20, 2012. Our thanks to Perry Robins for founding the ISDS, and to Henry Randle for writing the history. Even more historical material can be accessed at Everyone is welcome to attend the 34th Annual ISDS Congress in Dubrovnik, Croatia, August 29-31, 2013. An ISDS Spring Expert meeting will be held March 15-17, 2013, in the Kitzbühel Alps, Austria.
Many other interesting articles are contained in this Special Issue.
Janelle M. Vega MD and coauthors have reported on the efficacy of a radiofrequency device for treating aging hands. This is a new area of investigation that may add to the list of current treatments for aging hands, which include skin tightening, volume restoration, and skin quality improvement.
Christopher B. Zachary FRCP and coauthors have prepared a manuscript on "The Geometric Model and Fat Reduction," which addresses the lack of standardization of methodology for measuring subcutaneous fat before and after treatment.
Mark B. Taylor MD and colleagues have reported on long-term follow-up of melasma and hyperpigmentation treated with a full-face iontophoresis mask and topical mandelic/malic acid.
Rebecca Kleinerman MD and coauthors have reviewed the management of facial cysts, a common problem seen in dermatology offices.
Kavitha Reddy and co-workers have studied the effects of short-pulse-width 532-nm Nd:YAG laser on port-wine stains. The treatment achieves variable degrees of improvement.
Berthold Rzany MD ScM and European coauthors have prepared a manuscript on "Recommendations for the Best Possible Use of Botulinum Neurotoxin Type A (Speywood Units) for Aesthetic Applications."
Many other manuscripts in this Special Issue will be useful to our readers in the everyday treatment of their patients. Thank you to all of our authors and coauthors.
C. William Hanke MD MPH FACP
Guest Editor and Senior Editor, JDD
Indianapolis, IN