Keratoacanthomas: Overview and Comparison Between Houston and Minneapolis Experiences

February 2010 | Volume 9 | Issue 2 | Original Article | 117 | Copyright © February 2010

Irene J. Vergilis-Kalner MD, Yana Kriseman MD, Leonard H. Goldberg MD

Keratoacanthomas represent approximately 1% of skin malignancies treated in a Mohs practice in Houston, TX. The authors compared the age of onset, sex, location and month of prevalence of keratoacanthomas between Houston, TX and Minneapolis, MN. An earlier age of presentation was observed in men in Houston (65.9 years) versus in women (71.3 years) or in men and women in Minneapolis (71 years). There was a predominance of facial tumors in Texas males compared to females and tumors seen in Minneapolis. The tumors occurred more frequently during the winter months in Houston, TX versus June, November and December in Minneapolis, MN.