Issues Affecting Specialty Career Paths in Dermatology

December 2007 | Volume 6 | Issue 12 | Original Article | 1182 | Copyright © December 2007

Aimee L. Leonard MD, C. William Hanke MD, Mark A. Bechtel MD, Isaac Brownell MD PhD, Larry J. Buckel MD, Robert M. Hurwitz MD, Sherry H. Hsiung MD, Amy S. Paller MD, Kirsten Turchan MD

As the field of medicine changes, physicians deal with ever-increasing challenges and pressures. An overview of broad career paths within the specialty of dermatology is presented and important issues affecting these subspecialty tracks are discussed. These issues include increasing regulatory controls, the medical liability crisis, competitive forces, corporate and global outsourcing threats, managed care, and reimbursement.