Histopathologic Identification of Dermal Filler Agents

September 2010 | Volume 9 | Issue 9 | Original Article | 1072 | Copyright © September 2010

Stephen E. Mercer MD PhD, Rebecca Kleinerman MD,Gary Goldenberg MD, Patrick O. Emanuel MD

As reflected in the literature, the use of dermal filler agents has increased substantially over the last decade. Consequently, these agents are more frequently encountered on histopathologic examination. A variety of dermal fillers can be readily identified histopathologically, and the accurate identification of these agents is a critical task for dermatopathologists. Furthermore, a basic understanding of the histological features of fillers has relevance to dermatologists and dermatologic surgeons. The identification of filler substances may have important diagnostic, medico-legal and medical management considerations. This concise review aims to provide a pragmatic approach to distinguishing the agents most frequently encountered in routine practice and in the literature.