Erosive Pustular Dermatosis of the Leg Successfully Treated With an Oral Retinoid and a Bi-layered Skin Substitute

March 2019 | Volume 18 | Issue 3 | Case Reports | 301 | Copyright © March 2019

Jose A. Jaller MD,a,b Luis J. Borda MD,a Robert S. Kirsner MD PhDa

aDepartment of Dermatology and Cutaneous Surgery, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, Miami, FL bDepartment of Medicine, Division of Dermatology, Albert Einstein College of Medicine Bronx, NY

Erosive pustular dermatosis is a rare inflammatory skin disorder characterized by crusted erosions, sterile pustules, skin atrophy, and scarring alopecia. Cases of involvement of lower extremities, with or without scalp lesions, have been scarcely reported in the literature, and have been denominated Erosive Pustular Dermatosis of the Legs. The disorder usually affects elderly patients associated with chronic venous insufficiency and venous dermatitis. Topical corticosteroids and topical calcineurin inhibitors have been reported to be effective. On the other hand, several treatments have also failed to achieve appropriate results; hence we present a case of erosive pustular dermatosis of the leg, who was unresponsive to compression and antibacterial ointments, but successfully treated systemically with an oral retinoid and locally with the application of a bioengineered bi-layered skin substitute. This condition may be overlooked, which represents its low prevalence in literature.

J Drugs Dermatol. 2019;18(3):301-302.