Development of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Under Bexarotene Treatment for Sézary Syndrome and Review of the Literature

August 2010 | Volume 9 | Issue 8 | Case Reports | 1014 | Copyright © August 2010

Hatice Sanli MD, Bengu Nisa Akay MD, Muhit Ozcan MD

There are several reports of patients who developed extracutaneous lymphoma after they started bexarotene treatment. The authors report a case in which the initiation of bexarotene therapy for Sézary syndrome was temporally associated with the development of Hodgkin’s lymphoma despite improvement in cutaneous signs and symptoms. It is possible that bexarotene may contribute to the development of extracutaneous lymphoma. Although bexarotene therapy may relieve symptoms and signs of cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, careful examination of the lymph nodes during treatment is recommended.