The Millennial Mindset

December 2018 | Volume 17 | Issue 12 | Editorials | 1340 | Copyright © December 2018

Noëlle S. Sherber MD FAAD

SHERBER+RAD, Washington, DC The George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences, Department of Dermatology, Washington, DC

you in turn add to them. Creating exclusive opportunities to which being a part of your practice confers access can create a feeling of inclusion that is especially appreciated by this generation. For instance, a loyalty program for purchases is something that Millennials have grown to expect from many of the retailers from which they make purchases, and the Internet Marketing Inc. 2017 report found that 78% are more likely to choose a brand with a loyalty program than without one, and 69% belong to a retail loyalty program. Also, 95% appreciated brands that sent coupons and discount offers to them by email.While many aesthetic and medical practices do not engage in percentage or dollar value discounting, loyalty programs with points accrual may be appropriate for skin care products, and gift cards with purchase at the holidays or with other special events may be a more suitable means of creating a perceived value. Surprise treats such as a gift card mailed for patients’ birthdays or a sample of a new skin care product with a handwritten card mailed to patients who are fans of the brand are also ways to create a feeling that being a part of the practice garners access to a privileged experience not available to others, nor elsewhere. These thoughtful means of outreach are meaningful to Millennials who have been accustomed to walking into a store and having a coupon beamed into their phone automatically due to retailers’ deployment of app-based geolocation.


As the largest generation, Millennials will be a critically important portion of the patient population. They will play a centrally important role since they will become a generation who not only drives demand for innovation in product, procedure, and practice design, but who can also be a hub to bring their children and parents in for care over the years if a positive and loyal relationship is fostered. As with any physician—patient interaction, a better understanding of the patient’s clinical and psychosocial needs better informs the physician’s ability to deliver nuanced care. Therefore, the more depth of understanding physicians can have regarding the mindset of Millennial patients, the higher the quality of care we can render.


The author has no conflicts of interest with the information described in this article.


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Noëlle S. Sherber MD FAAD