Cutaneous Ulcerative Lichen Planus Exhibiting Pathergy, Response to Acitretin

March 2004 | Volume 3 | Issue 2 | Original Article | 191 | Copyright © March 2004

Robert L. Henderson, Jr. MD; Phillip M. Williford, MD and Joseph A. Molnar, MD, PhD

While ulcerative lichen planus is a common diagnosis when involving the mucosa, it is uncommonly found on the cutaneous surface. Cutaneous ulcerative lichen planus is usually found on the palmar or plantar surfaces1,2 and has only rarely been described elsewhere3-6. We describe a case of cutaneous ulcerative lichen planus involving the pretibia and exhibiting pathergy, which to our knowledge has not been previously reported. We also describe successful treatment with oral acitretin in conjunction with topical and intralesional corticosteroids.