Cardiac Catheterization-Induced Acute Radiation Dermatitus Presenting as a Fixed Drug Eruption

August 2003 | Volume 2 | Issue 4 | Case Reports | 425 | Copyright © August 2003

Amy K. Schecter, BS; Michelle D. Lewis, MD; Leslie Robinson-Bostom, MD and Teddy D. Pan, MD

Acute radiation dermatitis is an uncommon complication of fluoroscopic procedures. Cases secondary to cardiac catheterization are infrequently reported in the literature. The risk of developing this reaction is directly related to the skin dose of radiation, which is affected by the type of procedure, the technique used to achieve appropriate penetration, the duration of exposure, and the patient’s body habitus. We report a case of acute radiation dermatitis following prolonged coronary angiography initially presenting as a fixed drug eruption.