Annular Erythema Responding to Tacrolimus Ointment

August 2003 | Volume 2 | Issue 4 | Case Reports | 421 | Copyright © August 2003

Nikhil G. Rao, BA and Robert J. Pariser, MD

Annular erythema is an unusual, often idiopathic disorder that tends to respond poorly to topical therapy.

Two patients with idiopathic, topical corticosteroid-resistant annular erythema showed prompt clearing of lesions treated with 0.1% tacrolimus ointment and persistence of untreated ones which themselves responded to subsequent treatment.

These two cases demonstrate a clear-cut therapeutic response of chronic, topical corticosteroid-resistant annular erythema to topical tacrolimus ointment 0.1% BID. Additional experience with tacrolimus ointment, hopefully in controlled circumstances, should clarify its potential value in treating annular erythema.