Addition of Chitosan May Improve the TreatmentEfficacy of Triple Bandage and Compressionin the Treatment of Venous Leg Ulcers

January 2011 | Volume 10 | Issue 1 | Original Article | 75 | Copyright © January 2011

Mauricio Sandoval MD, Claudia Albornoz RN, Sonia Muñoz RN, Mirta Fica RN,Isidora García-Huidobro MD, Renato Mertens MD, Ariel Hasson MD

Introduction: Venous leg ulcers are an important problem in public health due to their high prevalence and treatment cost. The gold standard therapy is the compression bandage. Addition of different substances to the compression therapy in order to accelerate ulcer healing has been attempted but none of them has yielded optimal results. Objective: To describe the treatment efficacy of venous leg ulcers treated with triple compression bandage and chitosan gel. Methods: A longitudinal and descriptive study was conducted in a sample of 16 patients with 26 venous leg ulcers that were treated with triple compression bandage plus a chitosan gel every seven days during nine weeks. Ulcer surface was measured during each treatment step. Results: At the end of the treatment period, 89 percent reduction of the ulcer area was found when compared to the initial area at the beginning of the study. This value represents a reduction rate of 1.8 cm2/week. Discussion: The results obtained in ulcer healing were higher than those previously reported when the compression bandage treatment of venous leg ulcers was performed alone. The observed difference might be due to the effect of the chitosan gel. (J Drugs Dermatol. 2011;10[1]75-79.)