A Novel Non-Thermal Non-Ablative Full Panel LED Photomodulation Device for Reversal of Photoaging: Digital Microscopic & Clinical Results in Various Skin Types

November 2004 | Volume 3 | Issue 6 | Original Article | 605 | Copyright © November 2004

Robert A Weiss MD, Margaret A Weiss MD, Roy G Geronemus MD, David H McDaniel MD

Photomodulation is a process that manipulates or regulates cell activity using light sources without thermal effect. Previous studies of LED photomodulation have shown skin textural improvement accompanied by increased collagen deposition with reduced MMP- 1 (collagenase) activity in the papillary dermis. The purpose of this study was to investigate a separate cohort of patients (N=93) with a wide range of Fitzpatrick skin types treated by LED photomodulation using the Gentlewavesâ„¢ full panel 590 nm high energy LED array with a specific sequence or code of pulsing in the millisecond domain. Results showed improvement of signs of photoaging in 90%. The majority of patients demonstrated improvement in peri-ocular wrinkles, reduction in Fitzpatrick photoaging classification, global skin texture and background erythema, and pigmentation. No side effects were noted. LED photomodulation is a safe and effective non-painful non-ablative modality for improvement of photoaging.