A Modified Scalpel in Hair Restoration

October 2010 | Volume 9 | Issue 10 | Original Article | 1266 | Copyright © October 2010

Marco Toscani MD, Giuseppe Curinga MD, Emilio Trignano MD, Giovanni Bistoni MD, Antonio Rusciani MD PhDc

One limiting factor of hair transplantation is the amount of hair available in the patient donor scalp. Several techniques have been proposed as steel punches, multiblade knives, FUE (follicular unit extract) and single-strip harvesting. The authors introduce a modified surgical scalpel with a No. 10 blade to minimize side effects. This scalpel is folded at 120-degree angle and allows the incision to be parallel to the hair follicles and help the surgeon to avoid resection of the hair during dissection. The authors propose this modified scalpel as a new ideal instrument for removing the donor area in hair transplantation.