A Closer Look at Truncal Acne Vulgaris: Prevalence, Severity, and Clinical Significance

June 2007 | Volume 6 | Issue 6 | Original Article | 597 | Copyright © June 2007

Neal Bhatia MD

Data is very limited on the demographics, epidemiology, grading, and management of truncal acne vulgaris. In this study completed in 5 cities across the US, 696 patients were assessed to evaluate the frequency and severity of truncal acne vulgaris. Approximately 50% of patients who presented with acne vulgaris demonstrated involvement on the chest and/or back, with more than 3% presenting with truncal acne lesions alone. Interestingly, approximately 1 out of 4 patients who presented with both facial and truncal acne involvement did not voluntarily mention the presence of truncal acne as part of their presenting complaint. In such cases, the presence of truncal acne lesions was detected by clinical examination. A grading system for truncal acne vulgaris is also presented. The majority of patients presenting with truncal acne vulgaris exhibited mild to moderate severity and more than 75% were interested in treatment for truncal acne lesions