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The Journal of Drugs in Dermatology (JDD) offers one of the fastest routes to disseminating peer-reviewed, dermatologic information.

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About the JDD

The JDD is a full-color, peer-reviewed publication indexed with MEDLINE/PubMed, founded by the renowned Dr. Perry Robins, MD.

With an Impact Factor Score of 1.527*, the JDD publishes original research, large clinical studies, small clinical studies, reviews of new treatments and technologies, reviews of new devices, case reports, case series, observations, brief communications, pilot studies, retrospective studies, derm pearls, therapeutic updates and more!

What’s more,

  • Our clinically relevant content attracts readers from all fields of Dermatology;
  • Our International Editorial Board is comprised of more than 160 renowned experts;
  • We feature cutting-edge content for everyday practice; and
  • The JDD is celebrated for its professional, attractive design and layout for finished articles;
  • The JDD has expansive reach to the US-based dermatology universe!

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