March 13, 2020

What Women DON’T Want… Psoriasis

Drs. Deirdre Hooper and Adam Friedman

In this edition of the JDD Podcast, Dr. Adam Friedman is joined by Dr. Deirdre Hooper, Associate Clinical Professor in the Department of Dermatology at both Louisiana State University and Tulane University, to discuss her article “Impact of Psoriasis on Women” in the September 2019 issue of the JDD on the unique considerations for the adult female psoriasis patient. What questions should you be asking? What matters most when discussing therapeutic options? What is the best way to partner to ensure a long term relationship? If we could read minds this podcast would not be necessary but alas, it sorely is. Check it out!
JDD Article Referenced in this Podcast:
Impact of Psoriasis on Women
Deirdre Hooper MD
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