November 6, 2020

Treating the AD Patient During COVID-19

Dr. Peter Lio and Dr. Adam Friedman

Atopic dermatitis is a relentless, recurring, unreasonable, often recalcitrant inflammatory skin disease that impacts millions of children and adults in the United States alone and requires a tailored treatment plan and ongoing follow up. Now add a global pandemic to the mix – awesome. Join podcast host Dr Adam Friedman and atopic dermatitis antagonist Dr. Peter Lio as they discuss practical approaches to managing atopic dermatitis in the era of COVID-19. Telemedicine, topicals, and tons of systemic talk!

This podcast is supported by an independent medical education grant provided by Sanofi Genzyme & Regeneron Pharmaceuticals.
Upon completion of this podcast, learners should be able to:
  • Formulate AD treatment plans that may decrease susceptibility and spread of viral infections, including COVID-19
  • Identify new and emerging therapeutic considerations for managing atopic dermatitis during the current COVID-19 pandemic