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Tapping Tattoo Artists as a Unique Approach to Disseminating Photoprotection Education

By January 29, 2020 February 14th, 2020 No Comments
Continued efforts by the dermatology community to educate the public on both photoprotective measures and early skin cancer detection through surveillance has made a significant impact but the battle is far from over, especially in diverse skin phototypes for whom myths and misinformation are still pervasive regarding this space.
Innovative strategies are still sorely needed! Enter mentor-mentee duo Robert P. Dellavalle MD PhD MSPH from the University of Colorado School of Medicine and Cristian D. Gonzalez MD from University of Texas Southwestern, who are no doubt going to create some buzz with their December 2019 JDD study “Hispanic Tattoo Artists Could Provide Skin Cancer Prevention via Aftercare Instructions and Social Media.”

Tune in to hear how both doctors and artists can become allies in canvas (aka skin) cancer education dissemination. Learn how social media can be used as an effective research tool to both recruit and collect data. By the time you are through with this custom work, you will be loyal to the coil.

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