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“Men may have different reasons for visiting a cosmetic surgeon’s office, but one fairly universal concern they share is wanting to maintain (or enhance) their masculinity.” 

The number of Nonsurgical aesthetic procedures performed for male patients is growing is growing rapidly. However, there is limited data on treatment principles and goals for the male aesthetic patient.

In an article from Dermatology Times,  Katie Hobbins cites findings from research published in the January 2018 issue of the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology ( The Male Aesthetic Patient: Facial Anatomy, Concepts of Attractiveness, and Treatment Patterns“) that reports a “lack of information available on male aesthetic treatments and goals contributes to the disproportionately small national percentage of men seeking the advice of a cosmetic physician when compared to women. “

Expert advisors met to discuss anatomical differences in male versus female facial anatomy related to aging, facial treatment preferences in aesthetically oriented men, and current dosing data for facial injectable treatments in male versus female patients.

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