August 7, 2020

Systemic Antibiotics in the Management of Acne: Issues and Considerations for Optimal Care

Drs. Joslyn Kirby and Adam Friedman

WEEEEEEERE BACK! Join host Dr. Adam Friedman for lively and learned discussion with Dr. Joslyn Kirby on one of the most common, chronic, soul-crushing complaints… Acne Vulgaris. It is, from a pathophysiological standpoint, a biological sh*t show, but you need to understand it to develop the best treatment plans. We talk inflammation, first line approaches, setting patient expectations and compliance. We dive deep into the differences between broad-spectrum and narrow-spectrum antibiotics, when to use them, and for how long. (Spoiler alert: NOT TOO LONG!). In our efforts to be stewards of meaningful antibiotic use and adversaries of antimicrobial resistance, narrow-spectrum antibiotics are the future!
This enduring activity is supported by an independent medical education grant provided by Almirall, LLC.
Upon completion of this enduring, internet-based educational activity, participants should be able to:
  • Review current scientific understanding of pathophysiology of acne
  • Summarize acne treatment strategies utilizing systemic antibiotics
  • Differentiate safety and efficacy of broad and narrow spectrum antibiotics indicated for acne treatment
  • Cite the benefits of narrow spectrum antibiotic use in acne therapy
Adam Friedman, MD, FAAD – Grant/Research: Aclaris, CPN, Almirall. Consultant: SanovaWorks, Oakstone Institute, L’oreal, La Roche Posay, Galderma, Aveeno, Valeant, Microcures, Biogen, Pfizer, G&W Laboratories, Novartis, Occulus, Intraderm, Encore, Exeltis, Menlo, Lilly, Aclaris, Dermira, Berg, Allergan, Zylo Therapeutics, Hoth. Speaker’s Bureau: Regeneron, Dermira, Janssen, AbbVie. Major Stock Shareholder: Zylo, Minorcures.
Joslyn R. Sciacca Kirby, MD – No relevant disclosures.