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Subscription FAQs

The Journal of Drugs in Dermatology (JDD) continues to be a leading dermatology journal, presenting original articles, award-winning case studies, clinical trial reviews and clearance updates, drugs and devices, and special content geared toward medical residents and other allied health professionals.

Explore our Subscription FAQs to help answer questions about renewals, cancellations, and more.

My office is closed because of COVID-19; how can I change my address for my print subscription?

If you need to temporarily change the address at which you receive your monthly print issue of JDD, you may update your address by logging onto JDDonline.com and navigating to your profile: https://jddonline.com/profile

Update your address information, and click “save” on the bottom left to complete the process.

If you do not have an online account, please send us an email at info@jddonline.com with your name, the address at which you currently receive JDD, and where you would like your issue forwarded.

How do I cancel my print subscription, but keep my online subscription active?

Complimentary access to our online digital library is only available to print subscribers. By cancelling your print subscription, you will no longer have full access to JDDonline articles, reports, and more. To continue to view JDD content, you will need to purchase an online digital subscription.  Click here to purchase a JDDonline Digital Subscription today. 

How do I renew my subscription to the monthly print version of the JDD?

To renew your print subscription online, you must be within 60 days of your active subscription’s expiration date. At that time, when you login to JDDonline.com, you will receive a message that your account is about to expire. To renew, follow the prompts on the screen. 


If you are not within the expiration window, you can renew your print subscription at any time by calling (646) 736-4330 or emailing info@jddonline.com.  Please include following statement to ensure your renewal request is processed:

I, [name], would like to renew my complimentary subscription to the Journal of Drugs in

Dermatology for another 3 years. Please accept this email as a qualifying subscription request. I am a [indicate professional status, e.g. Dermatologist], and I would like to receive my print subscription at the following address: ___.

How do I start a new subscription to the JDD?

First-time subscribers please visit https://jddonline.com/subscription. Fill in your demographic information and select your subscription type (print and/or digital), and then follow the prompts. You will be asked to confirm your account via an email sent to the email address provided. Please confirm your account before logging on for the first time.

How do I update my address for my print subscription or my online profile?

If you have an active print or digital subscription to JDD, you can update your address by logging onto JDDonline.com and navigating to your profile: https://jddonline.com/profile. You can update your address information here and click “Save” on the bottom left to complete the process. 

What if I want to cancel my print or digital subscription?

If you would like to cancel your subscription, please email support@sanovaworks.com.

How long will it take for changes to my print subscription to take effect?

Please allow up to two issues of the JDD for any changes to your print subscription to take effect.  For example, if you request an address change in April, the address will be updated by the June issue.