Similar but not the same: Does everyone get that?

Dr. Alison Ehrlich and Dr. Adam Friedman

In this edition of the JDD Podcast “Ask the Investigator,” Dr. Adam Friedman sits down with Professor and Chair of Dermatology Dr. Alison Ehrlich from GW SMHS to discuss her recent study in the June JDD entitled “A Survey Assessment of US Dermatologists‚Äô Perception of Biosimilars” Simply put, biosimilars are not the same as generics….nor even their original biologic counterparts. Do dermatologists on a whole see the light? Are biosimilars being welcomed with open arms or a quizzical brow? What regulations and expectations are already in place and what’s to come? How does the director of the GW joint dermatology-rheumatology psoriasis clinic approach her patients, screen and monitor for co-morbidities, select from the armament of systemic medications? Well you’ll just have to tune in while sitting back or driving to work or getting your work out on….its all the (bio)same to us (see what I did there?).