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Consistently deliver your message to a choice dermatology audience through exclusive sponsorship of the JDD Podcast. An essential way for busy practitioners to stay up-to-date on new clinical findings relevant to the practice, the JDD Podcast is a highly regarded and innovative series hosted by Adam Friedman, MD, FAADd. Reaching a record number of dermatologists, residents, and interns each month, the JDD Podcast helps sponsors connect with this highly engaged audience to generate meaningful ROI.

Targeted Podcast Advertising Works

Overall, 48 million Americans turn on a podcast each month thanks to the prevalence of streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, and Alexa-based Amazon Music.

Brand recall studies show 80% of listeners are able to recall ads for at least one brand advertised during one podcast episode and that campaign effectiveness improves significantly when multiple ad spots are run with repetition or more than one type of ad.

Last year, advertisers invested $314 million into podcast ads in the United States and IAB expects that number to grow by 110% to $659 million in the next three years.

JDD podcasts and journals are my favorite source in gaining useful clinical pearls based on scientific studies. I will continue to rely on JDD in my practice for up to date information and recommend it to my colleagues.

Romkenl , 05/23/2018iTunes

Exclusive Sponsorship Opportunity

Through monthly, quarterly, or yearly sponsorship of the JDD podcast, you will receive

  • 220,000 Monthly Impressions of exposure during the monthly marketing campaigns;
  • A Scripted Voice-Over Feature during Podcast pre-roll, mid-roll, or outro; and
  • A Surround-Sound Marketing Campaign each month to boost your reach!

Maximize Your Reach & Impact

The JDD Podcast is promoted to our entire dermatology community in our print journal, on our popular social media channels, through our timely email campaigns, and at national and regional conferences every single month.

As a result, you can be sure that your Sponsorship of the JDD Podcast will strategically deliver your message to the right audience, at the right time.


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