September 10, 2018

Do the Ads Add Up? Discordance Between Psoriasis Patient Concerns and How They are Played Out on TV

Dr. Alexa Kimball and Dr. Adam Friedman

In this edition of the JDD Podcast “Ask the Investigator,” host Dr. Adam Friedman, Professor of Dermatology at the GW School of Medicine, is joined by renaissance academic dermatologist Dr. Alexa Kimball, Professor of Dermatology at Harvard Medical School, to discuss her recent study comparing what factors are emphasized in commercials for psoriasis treatments and what actually brings that patient to your clinic seeking help. “Do you always believe what you see on TV?” asked all of our mothers…this certainly applies here as well. Tune in to hear what really vexes our patients, and if this is accurately portrayed in industry sponsored marketing. Don’t change the channel until you hear all of Dr. Kimball’s sage advice with respect to choosing the right biologic for different patient types. Actually, this is on demand so check it out when good for you!