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Twenty Nail Dystrophy; a case report from Disharc, Nepal

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The following is a selected scientific poster abstract from the 2019 Skin of Color Update.

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"Twenty Nail Dystrophy; a case report from Disharc, Nepal"

Author: Prarthana Adhikari, MD

The following is a selected scientific poster abstract from the 2019 Skin of Color Update.

Twenty-nail dystrophy (TND) is rare and less reported chronic inflammatory disorder affecting nail matrix of all twenty nails. Literature reports mainly as idiopathic but are also associated with cutaneous or systemic disorders among childhood. It clinically presents as rough, thin, brittle lustureless nails with multiple pits. The diagnosis was made clinically but pathological study shows spongiosis and exocytosis of inflammatory cells in epithelium.

Case Report: We present a case of 9-year-old boy with complaints of rough, thin and pitted nails. He was asymptomatic but was under antithyroid medication for hypothyroidism. His only concern was bad appearance. He was given mild topical steroids and emollients. After 6 months of follow-up, patient has shown sign of improvement. Therefore, TND can also be inferenced as self-limiting disease with minimum treatment can have positive reference.

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