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Best Practices & Practical Pearls For Safely Reopening Derm Practices

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Best Practices & Practical Pearls for Safely Reopening Derm Practices

Drs. Adam Friedman, Jeffery Dover, Nazanin Saedi, Kavita Mariwalla, Terrence Keaney & Thomas E. Rohrer


The COVID-19 pandemic has affected dermatology practices across the country and around the world. In the face of a change that no one was really prepared for, Dr. Jeffrey S. Dover, in partnership with the JDD, invited a panel of dermatology Key Opinion Leaders to share their experience via video as they reopen their practices. We have gathered the audio from all of these videos and assembled them into an easy to listen to podcast filled with practical pearls and best practices from Drs. Jeffrey Dover, Nazanin Saedi, Kavita Mariwalla, Terrence Keaney, and Thomas Rohrer.

Want a refresher on the use of OCPs in Acne? Interested in learning how to initiate a patient based survey study? Just curious how a leader in the field gets an uninterested adolescent to be compliant and engaged in his/her acne care? These are just a few of the practical pearls provided.

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