October 5, 2018

Beating down benign and bothersome bumps: Practical on and off label approaches to treatment seborrheic keratoses

Dr. Adam Friedman

SKs are not OK, said practically all of our patients. Seborrheic keratoses drive a plethora of patients into our offices for one reason or another, and even when reassured that they are harmless, a good percentage of these patients dont want to stop there. Until the recent FDA approval of 40% hydrogen peroxide for the treatment of these goobers, all treatment modalities were anecdotal in most cases, each with varying set backs especially in darker skin types. In this podcast, JDD podcast host Dr. Adam Friedman reviews the most up to date information on all that is SK from the recent CE/CME article in the September edition of the JDD, “Managing Seborrheic Keratosis: Evolving Strategies and Optimal Therapeutic Outcomes.”