Understanding the Complexities of Compounding

July 2018 | Volume 17 | Issue 7 | Department | 14 | Copyright © July 2018

James Quertermous MD, Seemal Desai MD, Julie Harper MD, Mark Lebwohl MD, Abel Torres MD, Leon H. Kircik MD


As specialists in the treatment of the skin, hair, and nails, we know what tools we need to accurately and efficiently diagnose and treat our patients. Therefore, we must take the time to understand the complexities of the new regulations for drug compounding, recognize the differences between legal and illegal compounding so that we can fight to preserve the appropriate and safe patient care and stop the illegal compounding. If we do not fight the fight ourselves then someone else will do it for us, which will not be the best outcome as we have seen in the past. As importantly, we must then respond to regulatory concerns with a reasonable argument to protect our practices. We must advocate for ourselves and for our patients to protect access. No one else has a vested interest in protecting our access to compounding.