Natural Look in Volume Restoration

September 2008 | Volume 7 | Issue 9 | Original Article | 833 | Copyright © September 2008

Mary P. Lupo MD FAAD

Filling and volumizing injection procedures are currently widely used for facial augmentation and re-establishing a youthful appearance. Aesthetic physicians have advanced from the practice of treating single lines and wrinkles towards fi lling large facial areas to globally restore natural facial contours and meet patient demand for nonsurgical rejuvenation. This review describes the different categories of fi llers and volumizers based on their duration of action and ability to create a natural looking effect; they can be broadly classifi ed as temporary or long-lasting biodegradable agents, or permanent nonbiodegradable agents. Temporary fi llers are effective to correct lines and wrinkles, but may not adequately meet the need for global facial rejuvenation and volume replacement in a longterm, cost-effi cient manner. Permanent fi llers for global restoration pose the issue of long-term safety, and may not be compatible with changes in facial architecture with continued aging. Longer lasting volumizers provide patients with a durable, effective option for the restoration of facial volume and the re-establishment of youthful facial contours. Temporary fi llers and volumizers may also be used in combination to provide a wide source of options for the global restoration and rejuvenation of the face.