Making the Right Choices: Attaining Predictable Aesthetic Results WithDermal Fillers

May 2010 | Volume 9 | Issue 5 | Original Article | 458 | Copyright © May 2010

Kenneth Beer MD and Mary P. Lupo MD FAAD

The types and number of dermal fillers have evolved, allowing clinicians to select the most appropriate agent for each specific use. Filler properties differ both between and among classes, so clinicians must have a thorough understanding of these properties and the best techniques to use to provide the most satisfactory outcomes. This article reviews and highlights the key properties of different types of fillers, technical aspects of their use, safety considerations and the importance of patient factors in treatment selection. Making the right treatment choices must involve all of these issues to optimize aesthetic outcomes and patient satisfaction. The authors illustrate how to make the best choices through a series of case examples using a variety of filler types. Although most fillers can provide acceptable outcomes when used appropriately, the hyaluronic acids have become the most frequently used products because of their physicochemical properties and clinical benefits.